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We have you covered for any event!

RDM Specializes in Video Presentation Systems, full sound reinforcement, public address systems and A/V support equipment. We offer everything from projector rentals, projector screen rentals, microphones, podiums, and just about any audio visual rental you can think of. We are a Full Service A/V Company. Our extensive array of equipment comes direct from all major manufacturers. Continuing with our commitment to provide a superior level of support for our customers, RDM technicians are available to support your A/V needs.

Multimedia support is essential to a memorable presentation or event. You may not have all the equipment you need, and that's where we come in. We have been helping Northern California's events come to life since 1988. Check out our equipment selection. Contact Us if you can't find what you need below. We have much more in stock than what's listed. Whatever you need, we have it, and we can even deliver it to you. Our solutions are hand crafted for your Event or Wedding. We even offer Entertainment and DJ Services.

We provide services for:

  • Corporate Functions (Boardrooms, Hotels)
  • Private Parties (Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays)
  • Restaraunt Events (Dinners, Presentations)
  • Festivals and Concerts (DJ's, Bands, etc)
  • Press Conferences
  • Movie Premiers and Screenings
  • Convention Center Events (Trade Shows)
  • Pharmaceutical Meetings (And Hospital AV)
  • Theater Performances (Broadway, Comedy)
  • Courtroom Presentations (Law Firm AV)
  • Sporting Events (Marathons, etc)
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Audio Visual Equipment Rentals
PA Sound
Multi-Channel Mixer Rentals
Multi-Channel Mixers
Professional Power Amp Rentals
Video Projector Rentals
Data and Video Projectors
Projection Screen Rentals
Wireless Microphone Rentals
Wireless Microphones
Flat Screen TV's And Monitors
Flat Screens and Monitors
CD, DVD, and Blue-ray Player Rentals
CD, DVD, and Blu-ray Players
35mm Slide And Overhead Projector Rentals
Slide and Overhead Projectors
Podium And Accesories Rental
Podiums and Accessories

Keep in mind that we have much more in stock than what is mentioned above. We also have combination equipment packages. Some of our packages include Karaoke Party Packages, Outdoor Movie Night Packages, Pro DJ Sound System Packages, Dance Lighting Packages, and TV/DVD Packages. Feel free to contact us for any information or to ask any questions you may have about our equipment and equipment packages.

Call for full equipment listings and pricing!


PA Sound Systems

PA System Rentals

Our PA sound systems include everything you need to provide professional audio for presentations, playing music, showing videos, or showcasing the people speaking at your event or wedding. Our PA systems are great for providing audio to small crowds or in a large room or outdoor setting.

Multi-Channel Mixers

Multi-Channel Mixer Rentals

Our professional quality multi-channel audio mixers provide high-end solutions for your audio mixing necessities. We furnish everything from DJ mixers to multi-channel mixing consoles with enough channels to meet your needs. Let us help you find the perfect setup for your event.

Power Amplifiers

Power Amplifier Rentals

Our professional power amplifier solutions are fashioned in a way that provides low-profile products which produce pure undistorted power. Our amps are ready to drive any speaker setup with ease and power to spare. Call us to find out which amplifier package is right for you.

Data And Video Projectors

Data And Video Projector Rentals

Our video projector rentals will enable you to impact your audience with professional presentation, clarity, and focus. Our equipment can be paired with a computer, DVD player, or any other video source. We can help you choose the best projector for your event.

Projection Screens

Projection Screen Rentals

We provide various projection screen products to ensure you find the right equipment to meet your needs. We have inflatable screens, perfect for outdoor movie night. As well as tri-pod mounted projection screen setups for smaller venues. Call for screen sizes.

Wireless Microphones

Wireless Microphone Rentals

Our wireless microphone rentals provide you with the latest wireless technologies needed for any presentation, event, or ceremony. All of our rentals serve you with an opportunity to free yourself from the tethers of traditional wired microphone solutions.

Flat Screen TV's And Monitors

Flat Screen TV's And Monitors

We offer a variety of flat screen TV's and monitors. Our flat screens are a perfect solution for your event, trade show booth, or meeting. They can connect with computers, video cameras, DVD players, or any other video device. Let us help you showcase your events video or pictures properly.

CD, DVD, and Blue-ray Players

CD, DVD, Blue-Ray Player Rentals

Our CD, DVD, and Blue-Ray players provide your event, ceremony, or meeting with a reliable video source regardless if it is being displayed on a large screen via a projector or on a smaller screen such as a flat screen or monitor. Each provide you with an amazing viewing or listening experience.

35mm Slide Projectors And Overhead Projectors

16mm Film, 35mm Slide, and Transparency Overhead Projector Rental

Even though these items are not considered "Current Technology", there are still times when these are needed as a presentation resource. You can count on us to have these in our inventory for those rare occasions. Let us know what your special needs are and let's see how we can help!

Podiums And Accessories

Podium And Accessory Rentals

Our podium and podium accessory rentals provide you with a platform for showcasing your event, ceremony, or press-conference speakers. Our podiums combined with a sound system and video solution will give your event a powerful and profesional demeanor.